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Welcome To Pimmit Partners

Founded in 2007 in Asia’s financial hub, Pimmit Partners is a Hong Kong based wealth management institution who are devoted to convey unparalleled investment solutions. Due to our success and a rapidly growing global client base, we opened our second office in Taipei in 2009.  Continued success gave us the opportunity to open a further two offices in Shanghai in 2012 and most recently Tokyo in 2015, providing our clients around the globe access to the dynamic markets throughout the region.

Pimmit Partners client philosophy is built on trustworthy, ethical and transparent financial advice. Since we first opened our doors in 2007, Pimmit Partners have provided bespoke investment solutions to individual investors, families and institutions which are tailored with attention to detail by our experienced advisors which are designed to last.

Pimmit Partners offers an extensive array of financial and investment solutions and our superior levels of service sets us apart from our fellow industry professionals.

At Pimmit Partners, we consider the needs and requirements of all our clients to be of paramount importance. Our clients come first and we adhere to this philosophy by conducting regular reviews to keep our clients up to speed with the latest market trends, and to evaluate the performance of portfolios and also by analyzing and reviewing alternative strategies if need be. Our dedicated advisors are trained and possess the necessary expertise to fulfill our clients’ financial goals and aspirations.

Our Core Services

Pimmit Partners does not just administer your wealth, but we aim to maximize the potential of each client’s portfolio to achieve maximum returns.

  • Financial Planning

  • Investment Management

  • Estate Planning

Meet Our Senior Management

Robert Pim
Chairman, Pimmit Partners

Robert Pim, along with Edwin Mitchell-Chen founded Pimmit Partners in 2007 and has since helped build out Pimmit Partners investment focus across the Asian Pacific region.  Born in Edinburgh and raised in Hong Kong, Robert earned his MBA in Business and Economics from the University of Hong Kong.  Robert has been involved in investment and wealth management for more than twenty years and has also advised some of the world’s largest companies as a private consultant.

Robert is actively involved in the day-to-day running of the firm whilst also being on the Board of Directors.

Investment Outline

Long Term Approach

At Pimmit Partners, we believe that preserving and generating greater levels of risk adjusted growth is pivotal to our philosophy when it comes to wealth management.

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Our Process

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to integrating different investment solutions and strategies into our clients’ portfolios in order to widen the levels of diversification.

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Asset Diversification

Pimmit Partners view each asset class and pinpoint the benefits by assessing the current markets conditions and the current global economic whilst also scrutinizing past market conditions

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