Asset Diversification

The cornerstone of successful investment management is to spread your wealth across various different asset classes.

Here at Pimmit Partners, we view each asset class and pinpoint the benefits by assessing the current markets conditions and the current global economic whilst also scrutinizing past market conditions. The outcome of this meticulous method gives us the capacity to determine distinct asset classes and which strategy that will ultimately fulfill the clients financial goals and aspirations.

Which Asset Class?

When it comes to identifying an asset class, we pinpoint the advantages of each market sector including bonds which could administer greater risk adjusted returns. Depending on the clients preferred strategy, we have the expertise to give the client exposure to international markets as well as private equity options. In times of market volatility, we safeguard the client’s capital against inflation and deflation as well as protecting against currency depreciation.

Making the Correct Decision

Here at Pimmit Partners, informed decisions are of paramount importance. We analyze market disruption and pinpoint market opportunities and assess the duration period and also if there any obstacles for entry and exit strategies. We also determine whether the chosen opportunities are relevant to the client’s current financial situation. We also take into account risk-to-return forecasts to find the best strategy for the client.