Long Term Approach

At Pimmit Partners, we believe that preserving and generating greater levels of risk adjusted growth is pivotal to our philosophy when it comes to wealth management.

Pimmit Partners uses highly intricate strategies to oversee our clients’ assets and to make sure that their capital is accessible during their life and to the generations that follow. We believe that safeguarding assets through shrewd management and knowledgeable decision making is paramount to implementing a strategy that will generate growth.

The premier service Pimmit Partners provides to its clients is the safeguarding of capital during unstable markets. Reducing the risk is of paramount importance, and this is especially important during times of uncertainty and volatility.  However our approach, and that of all successful investors, is not to hide away when the economic climate is turbulent, but to ensure that our portfolios are able to weather the storm and prosper when others are blown off course. Here at Pimmit Partners, we convey strategies that acquire long term growth when the markets are volatile.

Diversification is important when it comes down to managing your portfolio. Spreading your wealth across different asset classes and market sectors benefits you with protection from investment risk. This common phrase in the financial world is known as ‘putting your eggs in different baskets’, however we also ensure that our portfolios are selective and not overly inclusive, that way we can ‘watch your eggs very carefully’.