Our Process

Pimmit Partners wisdom in investment management is much more than just setting aside capital to preferred investment vehicles, but astute investment management involves a detailed in intricate way that includes detailed assessment and a plan which is tailor made to complement your strategy and goals.

Pimmit Partners meticulous oversight of your investments is an endless process to ensure that the methods that we set out work in tandem with the client’s specific goals.

Hera at Pimmit Partners, we consider experienced investors to be bold investors, and because of this, and we keep our clients well informed when it comes to your portfolio. We give a detailed analysis of how the portfolio is performing as well as alternative investment strategies and ideas.

Pimmit Partners philosophy and exemplary client service consists of four key factors. Personal meetings, regular conference calls, seminars and newsletters. These four fundamentals is the cornerstone for a successful business and personal relationship between the client and the advisor.

The investment method Pimmit Partners carried out for each client starts with a thorough and detailed assessment of the client’s current financial status. Taking into account the clients objectives, we calculate income, liquidity and risk tolerance to determine the best strategy for the client, coupled with other factors such as estate and trust planning, and also consider alternative opportunities in order to maximize the clients return.

Pimmit Partners has a meticulous client assessment process which involves the following principles:

  • Client profile
  • Client assessment
  • Client requirements and goals
  • Creating a strategy
  • Asset classes
  • Asset allocation
  • Evaluating and selecting strategies
  • Monitor and review portfolio performance