Senior Management

Robert Pim

Robert Pim, along with Edwin Mitchell-Chen founded Pimmit Partners in 2007 and has since helped build out Pimmit Partners investment focus across the Asian Pacific region. Born in Edinburgh and raised in Hong Kong, Robert earned his MBA in Business and Economics from the University of Hong Kong.  Robert has been involved in investment and wealth management for more than twenty years and has also advised some of the world’s largest companies as a private consultant.

Under Robert’s leadership, Pimmit Partners is one of the leading independent wealth management firms in the region. Robert previously worked at the Bank of China before joining Citi Bank in 1996, where he held the position of Global Head of Portfolio Management before founding Pimmit Partners in 2007.

Robert is actively involved in the day-to-day running of the firm whilst also being on the Board of Directors.

Edwin Mitchell-Chen
Chief Executive Officer

Edwin Mitchell-Chen is joint co-founder of Pimmit Partners. Sharing a friendship from their younger days, Edwin studied and worked abroad before embarking on an adventure with Robert to form Pimmit Partners. Edwin started his career working for the Charles Schwab Corporation before joining Wells Fargo as a Senior Research Analyst. Prior to founding Pimmit Partners, Edwin moved to New York after being head hunted by Morgan Stanley where he was Director of Asset Management.

Edwin works very closely with our senior investment executives and gives his experience and support of portfolio strategizing, estate and trust planning and oversees Pimmit Partners investment approach.

Edwin holds a BA in Accounting and Finance from the San Francisco State University.

Guillem Sanz Adrià
Chief Financial Officer

Guillem joined the firm as Chief Financial Officer in 2008. Guillem grew up in Barcelona and earned his MA in Banking and Finance from Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Guillem has over fifteen years of banking experience after stints with Banco Sabadell and La Caixa. He then joined Banco Santander in Hong Kong as Finance Director. Guillem interacts on a regular basis with Pimmit Partners senior management and directors, providing oversight and guidance in a number of key areas, including all financial matters, client services and business planning.