Our Services

Pimmit Partners possess an extensive array of investment solutions and services coupled with the knowledge and resources to provide our clients’ with optimum solutions in order to accomplish our clients’ complex requirements and ultimately to achieve their financial goals and aspirations.

Clients of Pimmit Partners have the benefit of sound and unparalleled advice from our experienced and competent advisors. Pimmit Partners does not just administer your wealth, but we aim to maximize the potential of each client’s portfolio to achieve maximum returns.

Our established and dependable advisors are experts in all aspects of wealth management. Whether it is financial planning, investment management or estate planning, Pimmit Partners devoted advisors have the know-how to execute the complex requirements needed by our clients’ and we make sure that all of our clients’ financial requirements are fully compatible with their desired lifestyle.

There are three key areas when it comes to wealth management.

Financial Planning
Financial planning is key to building wealth for the future. Pimmit Partners experienced advisors have the necessary knowledge and tools to point you in the right direction to help you obtain your desired financial objectives.

Investment Management
When a financial plan for a client has been constructed, your dedicated advisor will liaise with you on a regular basis to keep you informed with all the latest market information and trends. Portfolio management is of paramount importance and our advisors adhere to this by working diligently to fulfill our promise and to help you reach your financial targets and goals.

Estate Planning
Estate and trust planning can play an important part on the long-term approach set up by the client. Here at Pimmit Partners, we have considerable experience of working meticulously with top attorneys and accountants to make sure that our clients’ portfolio and investment ambitions are fully coordinated to work in harmony with their desired financial plans.